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Last Walk

Lia Chapman: writer, director, producer

Jesus, an old man who has worked in the field all his life, is forced to say goodbye to the only thing left in his the world, his puppy. After delivering it to its new owner, he sets out on the road to the

place that will welcome him and where he will spend the remains of his days. Once in his new home, Jesus realizes what his new life entails.

In My Mother's Arms

Lia Chapman: writer, director, producer, actor

Angel’s abusive relationship is interrupted with news that her mother is in a coma. Angel leaves Spain and arrives in Los Angeles with a decision to make. Will she pull the plug on her Mother? Angel wrestles with her anger for her mother and finds the answer she has longed for all her life.

Broken Angels

Lia Chapman: writer, director, producer, actor

When eight women who are on a path of personal search get together, what happens next affects and touches in depths each of their lives.

That Kiss

Lia Chapman: writer, producer, actor

When her relationship begins to fail, instead of confronting it, Cecilia becomes obsessed with finding the perfect kiss thinking that’s the solution to her problems. However her pursuit takes her to a point of no return.

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