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The Courage of the Actor

Lia Chapman: writer

"The courage of the actor" is the necessary guide for any actor who wants to know how the film industry works in Hollywood and how to function in it; providing firsthand information to run smoothly in the cinema mecca saving time and money.


In this guide you will find out which are the best acting schools, what agents expect of you and what you can expect from them, what is the role of a manager, what is a self-tape and how to do it the best way possible. You will discover the guidelines and the mechanisms of the offices and the casting process in the United States, where to live to find your place in the city and who are the best coaches.


In Hollywood you are your own business.


If you decide to broaden your horizons in the acting world, "The actor's courage" gives you all the information to reach your goal step by step, whether in your country or in the United States.

"The Courage of the Actor" is an interesting, skillful manual, full of experience and passion for interpraction.

— Javier Tolentino, El Séptimo Vicio

Excellent book! Thank you for sharing your experience !!! It will be of great use to all actors.

— Noemi Nemirovsky, systemic consultant, producer

"The Courage of the Actor" exudes wisdom and sensitivity. It is an essential book for those who want to dedicate themselves to the noble profession of acting.

— Vicotor Rivas, actor, writer

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